Planning for Spiritual Growth During the Summer Months

Someone once said that if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Simple, proverbial, and true. However, even the best of Christians have a hard time planning. Perhaps we think it stifles the Spirit, either as a real concern or a convenient excuse. But God’s Spirit isn’t opposed to planning and often blesses it.

So with summer in front of us, will we use the warmer weather and vacation-oriented season to take the gas pedal off of our growth as disciples? I hope not. But we likely will unless we have something better to do. Thus, we should set out a plan to ensure we make progress in the faith.

There’s no one way to create to a discipleship plan. But I really like the one The Church at Brook Hills put together a few years ago under David Platt’s leadership. You can get it from the Radical website as a PDF.  If you have teenagers at home like me, you might also want to check out this modified version. I’m streamlined it a bit and eliminated a few points that are not essential in their stage of life. Assuming parents want to set an example, I made a corresponding adult version as well:

Personal Discipleship Plan (Template, Kids)

Personal Discipleship Plan (Template, Parents)

These are both set up with tables, so you can type in your plan and save it digitally.  (Of course, you can print and hand-write your plan as well.) If you’re using the simplified version, consider at least reading through the original version from Radical, which might help you make better sense of the categories’ intentions.

Finally, if you would benefit from some biblical exhortation in the basics, here’s a sermon series I preached a few years back. It’s called “Don’t Waste Your Summer.”

Keep Yourself in the Love of God (Jude 20-21) [mp3]

Pursue Purity by the Power of God (Rom 6:1-14) [mp3]

Joyfully Serve in the Mission of God (2 Cor 5:11-6:10) [mp3]

Minister for Change in the People of God (1 Thess 5:12-24) [mp3]

Whether you use these resources or chose something different, let’s not lose our zeal for godliness over the summer months. Instead, plan to pursue God and his mission.

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