The Week in Review (11.22.13)


This was a big week for books. Among other things, Crossway published their Spring 2014 catalog–lots of great books coming from them.  They also offered a blog post on why we still need so many new books about the Gospel.  Already available from Crossway is a book that is being hailed as the definitive work on the doctrine of definite atonement–From Heaven He Came and Sought Her. The book even has its own website.

John Piper released another Advent devotional.  This one is called Good News of Great Joy. It’s available as a free download as well as an inexpensive paperback.

Finally, there was a whole slew of Kindle deals: The Zondervan Counterpoint (or “Views”) series is on sale anywhere from $2.99-5.99. Zondervan is also offering D. A. Carson’s Worship by the Book (a fantastic read) for $2.99, as well as John Oswalt’s The Bible among the Myths (also $2.99).

On the culture front, the Senate changed 250 years of procedure by eliminating the filibuster for voting on presidential nominations. This so-called “nuclear option” effectively eliminates the voice of the minority was is seen by many as a check to the balance of power.  Ironically enough, all of the leading Democrats who are for this were, not long ago, against it.

On a more positive note, many got ready for National Adoption Day with articles on the gracious nature of adoption, as well as its manliness.

Finally, for American citizens, this week marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  As part of his Thinking in Public podcast, Albert Mohler interviewed historian Allen C. Guelzo on his new book, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion, and the lasting significance of that battle.

Thinking about theology and Christian living, Justin Taylor offered a post of selected comments by J.I. Packer and John Frame, answering the questions: “What Is Inerrancy and Why Do We Need the Word?”  On a related note, Derek Rishmawy wrote a blog post to make sure that we understand  “Inerrant Text ≠ Inerrant Interpretation.”

In a similar vein, the Baptist 21 site began a four part series by Jonathan Leeman asking “So, Is the ‘Baptist’ Brand Really Worth It?”

Andy Naselli drew out the implications of how one grieves in light of one’s understanding of the sovereignty of God.  This wasn’t an intellectual exercise, but an opportunity to contrast two theologians who have recently lost children.

Brad Hambrick explains why sins of escape are so detrimental to our soul and so defaming to God.

Erik Raymod posted a very interesting article with some very helpful application to how we use our time wisely and avoid the constant distraction of our social media age.  If you’re looking for more mental energy, check out “Nick Saban, My iPhone, and My Schedule.”

Our friend Challies pointed us to a penetrating article by Jeremy Walker at Reformation 21.  He zeroes in on very large disconnect between the priority of the local church and the pursuit of higher education, offering “A Plea to Perspective University Students.”

Finally, here are two freebies that might excite you. The first is a new song by D.A. Carson and Matt Boswell called, “Exult in the Savior’s Birth.”  The other is a new app from David Platt and Francis Chan’s Multiply Movement.  It includes teaching material for disciple-making as well as prayer network for spiritual support.

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