Still Not Professionals (Free eBook)

Desiring God recently posted a series of blog posts in anticipation of their upcoming conference: “Brothers, We Are Still Not Professionals: Reclaiming the Centrality of the Supernatural in Ministry” (February 4–6, 2013).  Now, those posts have been combined into a free ebook.

To download Still Not Professionals, click on the following format options:

  • Download ebook as a PDF file. This would be the format to download if you plan to print and read on paper.
  • Download ebook as an EPUB file formatted for readers like Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple iBooks (iPad, iPhone, iPod).
  • Download ebook as a MOBI file formatted for Kindle applications (this option works well on some mobile devices, but not well on others).

For more information about the ebook, click over to Desiring God.  You can also get several other free ebooks from Desiring God here.

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