Have I Forgotten?

A powerful song from a powerful album is “Have I Forgotten” from Matt Papa’s new album, This Changes Everything. It challenges our complacency as Christians in light of the gospel.  The entire albums works in this way: reminding of the gospel to bring great comfort and encouragement to us of God’s immeasurable love for us in Christ, while at the same time, motivating us to live differently because of that love.  If the gospel is true then everything about how we love and live should be changed.

Check out the trailer for the album below, then meditate on lyrics of his song, “Have I Forgotten.”



Have I Forgotten
Deut 8:6-20, Luke 14:27, Luke 23, Psalm 103

Have I forgotten the cross my Lord
When I carry not my own
Have I forgotten the crown You bore
Upon your sacred head
O help me not forget

Have I forgotten Your hands were pierced
When I hold on to this world
Have I forgotten Your love so fierce
Gasping for Your breath
Oh help me not forget

The cross, the cross
My soul remember this
what love, what cost
O help me not forget

Have I forgotten my guilt was washed
When I cannot lift my face
Have I forgotten my sins are gone
As far as east to west
Oh help me not forget

Have I forgotten the mystery
When I’ve heard it all before
Have I forgotten how to believe
My doubt is strong and yet
This heart cannot forget

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