More "Method"

Well, it’s true what they say – “The early bird catches the worm.”  In this case, the excellent Ligon Duncan and friends are the early birds. onlineMFP A while back I started working on revising Matthew Henry’s A Method for Prayer to reflect a personal reading with the English Standard Version of the Scriptures.

Well, Justin Taylor announced earlier today that Ligon Duncan beat me to the finished product and is offering the whole things FREE online!  Well, who can complain about that?

Having glanced over it, I noticed that my version is slightly different, so perhaps I will continue to finish mine for myself.  Regardless, you really should check out the Pray the Bible site which provides an array of resources and links to aid in public and private prayer.

Thanks for your hard work, brothers!


  1. Hey! rest assured you had an effect even with your unfinished project: I didn’t know about Henry’s book til read a reference to it, found your site, and then downloaded some massive scanned version of the original. It was also mentioned in Hughes Oliphant Old’s workbook on Leading in Prayer (which I am slowly working through in spare moments).

    So, just to let you know you have been part of a process of helping me start to work intentionally on how I lead prayer in public. Which is a culture change for a free-church evangelical!

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