T-Minus 26 and Counting…

The final countdown has begun for the release of the ESV Study Bible!  There is even a nice little countdown widget you can download. It would be on this site, but I am finding out that for some reason WordPress doesn’t allow flash embeds. Go figure!

Regardless, in less than a month, the church will be built up and encouraged in their faith by this amazing resource.  I pre-ordered my copy a while back and cannot wait to get my hands on one.  (Of course, if anyone at Crossway want to send me an advance review copy, I would be more than willing to give my pre-ordered copy away to someone at my church . . . !  :-)

Also, you can check out the full list of articles in the ESV Study Bible.  It’s an amazing array covering introductory matters about the Bible in general and the ESVSB in particular.  Then there’s theological articles, practical articles on communion with God and Christian ethics, all written by the best of evangelical pastors and scholars.

In all of this, my sincere hope is that the ESVSB will cause people to be more serious about God’s word. That Christians would be encouraged to read it, study it, memorize it, and allow God to use it to transform their lives into the likeness of Christ!

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