Bible Reading

Bible Study

How to Study Your Bible (7 Step Guide)

7 Steps to Bible Study (half-page insert)

Phrasing the Bible (William Mounce)

Fine-tuning Phrasing (William Mounce)

Phrasing the Pastoral Epistles (William Mounce)

Bible Reading Plans

Basic Bible Reading Check-List

The Bible in a Year

The Bible in Six Months

The Bible in 90 Days

Psalms in 30 Days (BCP Daily Plan)

Bible Reading with Others

One-to-One Bible Reading (book)

One-to-One Training Videos (David Helm)

One-to-One Reading Plans for different situations (David Helm)

One-to-One Reading Plans (for evangelism, encouragement, equipping others)

COMA Questions for Printing (David Helm)

Reading Mark’s Gospel with a Friend (St Helen’s Bishopsgate)

Bible Meditation, Memorization, and Prayer

James’s Gray Plan for Mastering the English Bible (Fred Sanders)

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture (Andrew Davis)

Scripture Meditation (Greg Birdwell)

Praying the Bible

How Do I Pray the Bible? (John Piper)