me-colorAlthough it bears my name, this site is designed to be less about me and more about Christ. Because of God’s saving mercy in Christ, I live to magnify his name–that is, to display his glory so that he is seen as the One to be treasured above all things.

If you want to know more about this, please watch the short video on the Why Jesus? page on this site.  You’ll even get to see a much younger version of me.

You also might want to know that God has given me a beautiful wife and four amazing kids! And when you find me not spending time with them, I’m serving on staff with the other pastors at Providence Bible Fellowship. There I oversee evangelism, missions, and our children’s ministry. Previously, I served for over thirteen years at Crossway Christian Church.

This site provides access to my blog, sermons, reviews, projects I’m working on, and all kinds of other things. All of this has the intention of providing resource to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and equip you make disciples of others.

Feel free to look around and find something to read or a link to visit. If you see something interesting, helpful, or even disagreeable, please leave me a comment or drop me a line directly through the form below.

God’s richest blessings,