New Resource Page for Bible Reading

This blog has been around for a long while in many forms. It first began as the “Dead Theologian Society.” then, it provided (somewhat) random thoughts, quotes, reviews, and resources with an emphasis on pastors-theologians of the past. Over time that moved to something closer to what is it now as “Magnify Christ”–a more “in the now” approach to blogging with analysis and resources. In recent years, it reached it has more a specific focus on disciple-making.

With this in mind, a new page has been added on the Resources tab. This new page is focused on bible reading. This page has three main groups of resources related to Bible reading. First, is Bible Study. This is more than simple reading or a quick devotional approach. There is an explanation of how to dig deep into God’s Word. The seven-step process I outline can be used by the average Christian or expanded to be beneficial to teachers and preachers.

The next major section is focused on reading the Bible with others. One of the greatest helps for ministry over the last fews years, for me, has been David’s Helm’s book, One-to-One Bible Reading. I cannot urge you enough to buy a copy. Its power is in its simplicity–God changes people when we read the Bible with them. In my cultural context, biblical literacy seems to be at an all-time low and pragmatic helps for change at an all-time high. Utilizing the practice of reading the Bible with someone as a ministry approach has been a powerful antidote to both problems. I’ve included reading plans for evangelism as well as encouraging and equipping other believers. This plan covers books of the Bible as well as topics for helping unassured believers, prayerless believers, Wordless believers, suffering believers, anxious believers, and more. I’ve also linked to resources from Helm and others.

Finally, there is a section on Bible meditation, memorization, and prayer. This is how Scripture gets worked deep into our souls. Though these disciplines take time (our most precious commodity these days!), the benefits are incredible. Some may not even know how to go about meditating on Scripture, let alone memorizing it or praying it back to God. So, this section provides some helpful directions and examples toward that end.

I hope this Bible Reading page will not only help you in your own walk with God, but also equip you to help others in their walk with the Lord. May the Lord make his Word live to us and use it to change us and those to whom we minister!

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