A History of Redemption (Devotional eBook)

One of my favorite passages in all of the Bible is the scene from Luke 24 where Jesus, freshly resurrected, meets up with two disciples on the road to Emmaus. It’s clear they believed Jesus was the promised Christ, but are struggling to understand how he could have died. The Lord uses it as an opportunity to take them on a Bible study journey through the Old Testament Scriptures, showing how the death and resurrection of the Christ was long-foreshadowed.

When we think about how all of biblical history fits together, we sometimes call this a history of redemption–that is, the story of salvation God was been writing since the world began. This story is made up of all the revelatory and redemptive acts God has provided to sinful humanity, with Jesus as the central focus (Eph 1:7–10). 

As we approach the Sunday when we especially celebrate the historical resurrection of Jesus as Sovereign Lord over all creation who offered his life up for sinners’ forgiveness, you may find it helpful and encouraging to ponder this grand plan of grace. Toward that end, I have recently put together an ebook called A History of Redemption, which retells the story of salvation using only Scripture itself.

You can download your free copy here

I hope it helps you better understand the Bible’s storyline, better appreciate God’s grace, and more of all, better love our Savior. 

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