Romans in 16 Sermons

For my first time preaching through the book of Romans, I opted to follow the pattern of Mark Dever and others and preach an overview series.  Essentially, this means that rather than a typical expository series which usually looks at smaller thought units (often about a paragraph in length), I preached each chapter at a time. While there is much more that could be said about this book, the congregation got a sweep of its themes and theology, argument and structure. In a nutshell, Paul shows how the righteousness of God in Christ is the most crucial reality for all of life. If you’re interested, give the series a listen.

Righteousness (Romans 1)  [mp3]

Judgment (Romans 2) [mp3]

Propitiation (Romans 3) [mp3]

Justification (Romans 4) [mp3]

Imputation (Romans 5) [mp3]

Sanctification (Romans 6) [mp3]

Deliverance (Romans 7) [mp3]

Adoption (Romans 8) [mp3]

Election (Romans 9) [mp3]

Preaching (Romans 10) [mp3]

Israel (Romans 11) [mp3]

Devotion (Romans 12) [mp3]

Responsibility (Romans 13) [mp3]

Fellowship (Romans 14) [mp3]

Partnership (Romans 15) [mp3]

Church (Romans 16) [mp3]


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