Get Some Help Teaching (and Reading) the Bible

I’m a huge fan of Nancy Guthrie’s series called “Help Me Teach the Bible.” If you’re not familiar with it, Guthrie interviews an “expert” on a specific book of the Bible that the person has written on or preached through in a local church setting. The result is a practical and theological walk-through of a book of the Bible. Listening to the interview gives you the big picture of the book along with a clear understanding of its movement and themes.  It’s great for those preparing to teach or preaching through the book.  It’s the perfect supplement to a commentary. At the same time, I think everyday Christians would benefit from this series too.  If their interested in spending some time reading carefully through a book, this would be a great way to begin.

If you want to start listening, check out the series links below.

John Piper on Philippians
Mp3 Audio part 1, part 2          Resource Page

Mark Futato on the Psalms
Mp3 Audio          Resource Page

Bryan Chapell on Ephesians
Mp3 Audio          Resource Page

Dale Ralph Davis on Joshua
Mp3 Audio          Resource Page

Michael Lawrence on Acts
Mp3 Audio         Resource Page

David Helm on Daniel
Mp3 Audio          Resource Page

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