Sermon Overflow – Luke 19:11-27


This is an on-going series that provide an “overflow” of information or application from my weekly preaching. A preacher cannot, nor should not, get everything into a sermon. These will be posts that give some direction and resources related to the sermon that will help people better understand and apply the passage.


In Luke 19:11-27, Jesus tells a parable to his disciple as he is about to enter Jerusalem and they are expecting a very different kingdom than he will bring about. Using recent events from the life of Herod’s son, Archelaus, Jesus describes his own journey to a far country to obtain a kingdom from God.  This is his ascension to the heaven before his return. While his away we are to put the gospel to work, doing business for the kingdom. Anything less is wickedness.


This sermon has been uploaded and is available for you to download or listen to the sermon here.  Our weekly disciple-making devotional (based on the sermon) can be downloaded here.

As you thinking about investing the gospel, consider Tim Brister’s simple “napkin plan” for discipleship. Where are you investing the gospel?


I used the life of William Borden as an illustration. You can watch a short video about him here:

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