Week in Review: Reformation Day 2014


This special edition of the Week in Review tries to gather all of the best articles and resources posted this week for Reformation Day. Of course, there’s plenty out there that hasn’t been posted this week. If you’re wondering what that is, get started here, or check out the introduction by Jones below.

Books and resources abound on the Reformation.

  • This week, Ligonier is giving away several books, audio, and video resources. FREE THEOLOGY!
  • WTS Books is offering Stephen Nichols’ book containing Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses (with an introduction and explanatory notes) for free if you place an order of any amount.  This is for today only.

If you want to know more about the theology the Reformation, you’ll want to check out these links.

For those who are looking for more on the history and people of the Reformation, click below.

BONUS. This has been posted before, but it captures the heart of the Reformation’s theology and how it affect the Christian life:

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