Week In Review – Oct 24, 2014


This week we’re trying out a more streamlined look for the Week in Review post. Feel free offer some feedback on this new look in the comments.

Books and Resources

News and Culture

  • Albert Mohler helpfully summarized and analyzed the Ebola situation in the US, especially in light of the many botched procedures for dealing with infected or potentially infected people.
  • The Sergeant at Arms for the Canadian House of Commons, Kevin Vickers acted heroically during this week’s shooting, bringing the gunman down. For his bravery, Vickers was given a long standing ovation when he entered Parliament.
  • Wesley J. Smith wrote about the differences between Michael Landon and Brittany Maynard, people who both faced untreatable cancer in different ways.
  • In light of a recent controversy involved a Christian wedding chapel, Russell Moore and Andrew Walker walk us through the question of whether or not such things should even exist.
  • In light the quickly changing view of same-sex marriage, Mark Dever has wise words on how the church can survive cultural crises.

Church and Ministry

  • Steven Lawson gave us a great overview of William Tyndale’s life and labors. If you read from an English Bible, you owe Tyndale a great debt!
  • Matthew Westerholm gave us three reasons we should attend corporate worship.
  • Jonathan at the Radical Blog told us about how one church is engaging an unreached people group.
  • At the same time, David Sills gave us an needed reminder that missions doesn’t end when a people group becomes “reached.”
  • Joseph Tenney offered some helpful words (especially for pastors) on self-promotion and fear of obscurity.

Christian Life and Theology

  • Dane Ortlund pointed us to Abraham Kuyper to help us understand how the Holy Spirit produces change in God’s people.
  • How does biblical counseling connect to the Great Commission? John Piper made the answer clear this week.
  • Kevin DeYoung wrote about whether or not its wrong for Christians to defend their rights in the public square.
  • Tim Keller shared about his personal prayer life.
  • On a similar theme, Ian Carmichael wrote an article to help us see the difference between proactive and reactive praying. He makes some great application to small groups.
  • Andy Prime answer the important question, “Is the Bible too complicated for those who struggle to read?”
  • Marie Notcheva shared about her experience and how our theology can stifle our compassion.
  • Rick Philips replied to Rachel Held Evans’ post about her doubt-driven reading of Genesis 22.
  • Finally, from the recent Desiring God Conferences comes some practical tip for Bible reading by Ben Stuart.

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