The Week in Review – 9-19-14

Beginning with books and resources, Paul Tripp’s A Quest for More is still free. Challies reminded us of the over 100 ebooks that are available for free at SBTS hosted the Counsel the Word Conference which continues today. Watch it live or download the talks as they become available. Related to this, if you use the code CounselTheWord, you’ll get a free talk by Heath Lambert on “Counseling from the Epistles” from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

News and culture begins with the No vote by Scotland on removing themselves from the United Kingdom. The Guardian has a collection of related stories to give you all the details. President Obama presented a muddled view of dealing with ISIS and the New York Times gave an explanation for how ISIS work.  Ethan Moore explained by Ted Cruz’s followers are wrong. posted a link on what Paul would think about dating couples who make out. Dating is also the example Dane Ortlund gives as he explains what the talk of gospel-centeredness is about.

In the area of theology and the christian life, Erik Raymond reminded us that the saving work of Christ is personal. Conrad Mbewe made some important observations about the “man of God.”  Tim Challies posted about an app that helped with this prayer life. Ed Welch showed more evidence of Scripture’s divine origin.

Finally, in church and ministry. Sam Allberry told us how the church can help those battling with same sex attraction.  Jen Wilkin wrote a helpful post on why we shouldn’t have a phobia about male-female friendships in church.  Jeff Robinson encouraged pastors to focus on faithfulness. Timothy Raymond began a series on “bizarre, raw, and sometimes depressing, sometimes exhilarating ministry experiences” with a post on a funeral that was almost a fist fight. And we end with this helpful video of Timothy Paul Jones explaining some things you can do to begin discipling your kids:

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