Week in Review – Sept 5, 2014

This is a great week for books and resources. Ligonier Ministries announced this month’s free book–Welcome to a Reformed Church. Christian Audio began offering Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live? as their free download this month. WTS Books put several Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing ebooks on sale for $1.99 this week. The sale ends Saturday. Looking at three pages of books can be daunting! Here’s my top ten picks from what they’re offering:

Next, in news and culture, wars and rumors of wars seemed to be the unavoidable topic.  Russia continued its aggressive push into Ukraine.  ISIS beheaded another US reporter.  Libya announced the fall of their capital and the theft of eleven commercial airliners which are now worried to be part of plans for an act of terrorism. All of this is something Schaeffer saw coming even as he offered an alternative, as Ray Ortlund reminded us.

There were several helpful posts related to church and ministry this week. A YouTube video sparked some responses by Albert Mohler and Ligon Duncan about the nature of worship and the prosperity gospel. Matt Smethurst reminded us about the importance of families, even in the urban church. Kevin DeYoung offered some helpful advice for small groups.  Justin Taylor helped us see what a Puritan worship service would look like.  Eric Geiger offered a warning about watching our life and doctrine. Similarly, Mark Jones mused on the relationship between holiness and effective ministry.

Finally, in theology and the Christian life, Credo pointed to wisdom from George Whitefield on duty of searching the Scriptures. Tim Challies offered some practical help with that, pointing to the Swedish Method of Bible study.  John Piper helped translate that into everyday living, showing us how to find strength in God’s strength. Conrad Mbewe explored how the believe in the priesthood of the believer has importance in Africa today. Finally, Andy Naselli hit a controversial issue when he asked if it was for non-married couples to make out (I think how he answers is right).

BONUS: H.B. Charles, Jr is not the envy of many pastors (at least me!) as he now preaches from a replica of Spurgeon’s pulpit. I hope he shares who made it for him…

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