Week in Review – Aug 29, 2014

Kicking things off in the books and resources category, WTS Books has a good deal on Jim Hamilton’s book, God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment. You can also grab all of his biblical theology books at a discounted price. Challies has some great books on his Free Stuff Fridays. Amazon also has some good books on discount for less than $1 on Kindle:  King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power
(Ryken), Marriage and the Family: Biblical Essentials (Köstenberger and Jones), and Miracles by John Lennox. Colemon Ford introduced us to The North Star Catechism and some related resources. Danny Akin posted a free packet of resources for a study through the book of Hebrews. Finally, Ligon Duncan has done everything a favor by posting an annotated bibliography of books on the cross of Christ.

From the news and culture section, we start with comments of Darrin Patrick on the issues growing out of the situation in Ferguson, which were posted here. In case you didn’t see it, David Platt was selected to be the new president of the International Mission Board.  Pastor and professor Hershel York offered his thoughts on why this is a good thing.  Joe Carter gave us another helpful “9 thing” post; this time on rabbinic Judaism. Thinking more about the situation in Iraq, Denny Burk argued that it’s time to get serious about ISIS and Matt Chandler drew our thoughts to Saul of Tarsus, directing our prayers toward our enemies.

Moving to matters related to theology and the Christian life, Erik Raymond wisely counseled us to never resist the urge to pray.  Tim Brister leads things off with some important observations about two buts for two ways to live. Dane Ortlund (who has a new book on the writings of Jonathan Edwards) gave us five things that Edwards can teach us about the Christian life. Deepak Reju mused on the ending of relationships and gave us 13 principles in order to break up to the glory of God. Heath Lambert began a series of post addressing medication and biblical counseling. Sandy Grant gave us some advice on how to handle urgent, international prayer requests. Finally, Lane Keister answered a common objection to imputation, showing why it is not a legal fiction.

Finally, in church and ministry, Mark Jones offered some thoughts on singing God’s word in corporate worship. Aaron Gray showed ten ways church members can show love towards one another. Matt Rodgers explained why small groups are good but not enough. Brian Croft gave some advice to pastors’ wives on how they can comfort their husbands when they’re under attack. And for those of you in ministry who are looking to “retire,” Weymann Nee wrote a short article asking you to reconsider in light of the global need.

BONUS: Video from the recent debate on Calvinism:

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