Week in Review – Aug 22, 2014

Leading off with books and resources is the release of a new issue of Themelious journal.  WTS Books has a great deal on Jared Wilson’s new book, The Wonder Working God. In case you didn’t notice, the next wave of commentaries in the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary series the are now available: Exodus, Ezra-Nehemiah, MarkGalatians, Ephesians, James, and 1,2,3 John. More than a work for pastors, these are based on sermons and would make for excellent devotional reading or group studies.  Finally, Tim Challies posted a free resource for discussing abortion with those who have differing opinions.

From news and culture, the situation in Ferguson was still in the forefront of our minds and screens. John Piper reflected on the power police wield in God-given but imperfect ways. Justin Taylor mused on why people in the US respond to this situation so differently while Leonce Crump challenged white evangelicals to see what they might not be able to see. The recent ALS ice bucket challenge swept through the nation, scooping up average people as well as celebrities and former Presidents. But somewhere along the way, someone asked ‘Should we give to a group that is okay with using embryonic stem cells?’ Russell Moore provided a very helpful article walking us through how to think about this situation. The other big news story has been the spread of the Ebola virus and Joe Carter reported how both American doctors thanked God for their recovery. Finally, Doug Brubaker released another episode of the Crossway Connected podcast; this one deals with Christian persecution.

Moving on to Christian living and theology, Paul Tripp helped us think through the difference between need and desire. Challies was helpful again and offered a simply way to organize your prayers. Ed Welch had some good words on slower relationships. Lee Gatiss explained why he loved George Whitefield (and you should too) and Daniel Akin shared the truths of Galatians 2:20 through the life of missionary Bertha Smith. Denny Burk helped us see why we must call evil ‘evil.’ And over the ACBC blog, Lisa Schimdt gave some great advice on a huge problem–dealing biblically dealing with anger.

Finishing up with church and ministry, Phil Newton talks about the importance of corporate confession of sin. Timothy Paul Jones shared some good advice on beginning family ministry at a local church. Tim Ward continued his blog series through Lloyd-Jones’ classic work, Preaching and Preachers. Sam Allberry had a helpful discussion on same-sex attraction in the church. Joe Thorn finished up his blog series on the Lord’s Supper with a help list of resources. Be sure to check out the entire series for biblical and practical thoughts on this wonderful ordinance from Christ: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight.

BONUS: Trip Lee’s new single from his forthcoming album dropped this week. Enjoy:


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