The Week in Review – Aug 8, 2014

Beginning with books and resources, Challies has a round-up of a some great Kindle deals.  Crossway Publishers is also offering a free book on Contentment in exchange for answering some questions.

This week’s news and culture not only saw an increase in the global violence towards Christian that we highlighted last week, but criticism on the homefront as well.  President Obama responded in a surprise way, authorizing airstrikes into Iraq against militants.  After Anne Coulter’s and Donald Trump’s comments deriding Christian missions in light of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Mohler and Russell Moore both offered helpful responses. Moore also penned a response to the doctor who claimed to do abortions because he was a Christian.  In the Middle East, the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. In light of that, Joe Carter also collected 9 things we should know about Hamas.  More positively, Trip Lee announced his next album to be later this year.

Next we think about church and ministry. Challies once again was helpful (as always) posting some wise words on “How to Ruin a Prayer Meeting.”  Sadly, many will find this irrelevant as their church has no prayer service.  If you need some reasons to have (or start) a regular prayer service, check out this oldie but goodie from Erik Raymond.  If you’re looking for a ministry to be involved in beyond the local church but which strengthen local churches, 9 Marks is giving you the opportunity–they posted that they wanted to bring Chinese pastors to the US for encouragement and training. On a sadder note, the Acts 29 removed Mars Hill Church from it’s network given the numerous difficulties facing its pastor Mark Driscoll. This is situation that needs much prayer.

Finally, from realm of theology and the Christian life. Justin Taylor posted John Piper’s reasoning for a post-tribulation rapture. Jason DeRouchie posted a lecture he gave that walks through the history of redemption. Luke Gilkerson gave some practical advice for parents seeking to to keep a porn-free home.  SBTS posted a video from its most recent Alumni Academy–a panel discussion on mission. Watch it below.

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