Please Pray for My Mission Trip

Flag of Philippines

Last year, I had the privilege of leading a mission team to the Philippines to support one of our church’s missionaries there.  This March our team will be returning to continue assisting the ministries of our church-planter. Many of you committed to pray for that trip and I’m writing to tell you about my upcoming trip in the hopes that you will again partner with me by committing to pray for me and my team.

Over two weeks (March 23—April 7), we want to accomplish three things. First, our main focus will be preaching and teaching God’s word.  This part of our trip will we aimed at both evangelism of the lost and the encouragement of local believers. We will be preaching at various venues including public schools (very different from here in the US!), church revival services, police station chapel services, Sunday morning church services, and mid-week Bible studies.  Last year, I taught 27 times over 13 days—it was amazing!

Second, we’ve been asked to again provide training for a pastor’s conference. Many pastors have only basic training and we hope to not only deepen their love for God and their appreciation for his Word, but give them some practical resources to help further their ministries. The Gospel Coalition’s International Outreach division has a program for countries experiencing “theological famine”—a lack of theological training and resources. What we have in abundance here many are lacking elsewhere.  So, we’re taking over 165 lbs of books to distribute to pastors and church leaders. These books were donated by generous publishers. We just need to find room for them in our bags!

Finally, we want to encourage our partners and their families. Though sometimes an under-appreciated part of missions, it’s important to let our partners know that we value them and the work that they are doing. We hope to provide resources and fellowship that will encourage them  toward continued faithfulness in their lives and ministries.

Here’s a simplified schedule of our activities and suggested directions for prayer, along with Scripture references to aid in your prayers. In addition to these specifics, please pray for our team.  I will be accompanied by the same men who went with me last year—Doug Brubaker and Jason Skidmore. Pray that our team will be unified and enjoy fellowship on this trip (Rom 15:5).  Pray that we will stay close to God and fight for holiness (Rom 8:12-15).  Pray that we enjoy safety in travel so we can maximize our time for ministry (3 John 2). Finally, pray that we can build up our local partners and encourage them in the faith and their ministry (Col 4:8).

Thank you for being a part of this trip through your prayers.  During our time in the Philippines, we aim to bring glory to Christ as we seek to help make disciples of all nations.

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