The Week In Review (2-21-14)


As always, we start with books. Steven Lawson’s newest long line of godly men profile book, The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield, went on sale. Kindle had some good deal going:  Sexual Detox by Tim Challies is on sale ($1.99); more on why is give below. And the excellent Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell ($3.99) and The Cross and Christian Ministry by D. A. Carson ($2.99). Andy Naselli gave a preview of Matt Perman’s forthcoming book, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.  It was also announced that David Suchet’s (of Poirot and The Jesus Storybook Bible fame) recording of an audio Bible is on pre-order is available through an UK store. Hopefully, it will be be available in the US soon as well.

Culturally, the week has been all over the place.  The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have been in full swing while close by Ukraine has been in flames. Thankfully, it looks like a peace deal may have been reached. At home, the issue of the minimum wage has been all over the news.  Albert Mohler offered some wise balance in trying to think through what is anything but an obvious issue form a Christian perspective. Finally, Christian rap artist Lecrae made it into a feature in the Huffington Post.

Thinking about Christian living, Challies announced a push in March for 31 days of purity. Even if you don’t struggle with pornography specifically, remember that we live in a pornified world where our defenses are assaulted and worn down regularly. This will likely be helpful to many people.  Matthew Barrett explained how Luther saw marriage as a school for character. Paul Tripp explained how Genesis shows that God’s design has always been for humanity to live in interdependent community with one another. Tim Kerr helped us understand why wisdom is essential for our sanctification. Stephen Altrogge gave some advice on what to do if you don’t have a dramatic testimony. Finally, Matt Papa reminded us that love ≠ open-mindedness.

This week was interesting for those concerned with Christian ministry. In the interest historical accuracy and illustrative integrity in preaching, Justin Taylor gave us 5 things Martin Luther didn’t say. Russell Moore offered some advice on how to give a eulogy for an non-believer. Pastor Steve Furtick was in the news this week with the focus on his practice of baptism.  A local news station covered a story on how he produces spontaneous baptisms, while Christopher Smith wrote on Furtick’s disneyfication of baptism.  If you want to hear an explanation from Furtick himself on why he does what he does (and Matt Chandler’s critique) check out this video from the Elephant Room. In contrast to all of that, Joe Thorn gave an interview on how to prepare sermons, and Ray Ortlund shared some advice from Charles Simeon on how to preach with biblical fullness. Finally, for those thinking of studying or preaching through the Psalms, Timothy Raymond posted a list of helpful (free) resources on the Psalms.

And… Here’s why Ravi Zacharias is the best at what he does:

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