Bible for Life Study Guides

My lack of posts recently is due to my work on finishing up a project for my home church: a Bible study on Jude.  This Bible study is one in a series that have been made for our church’s community groups.  Right now, three guides are available covering Leviticus, Hebrews, and Jude.  Guides for Ruth, Nehemiah, Galatians, and Philippians will be available soon.  These come from a new publishing arm of our church: Anchored Press.

LeviticusSM   JudeSmHebrewsSm

Here’s the introduction for the Bible for Life Study Guides which will give you some idea of what the series is aiming to accomplish:

What is a Bible for Life Study Guide? As the name suggests, it’s a study guide designed to let the Bible impact your life.  As God’s word, the Bible should change how we worship, how we think, how we interact with others, and more. In other words, the Bible should transform how we live our lives.

With this basic conviction, the Bible for Life Study Guide series is intended to get people into the Bible, book-by-book. Designed to be used by individuals or groups, each study includes a series of questions to help unlock the Bible for life. First, there are questions to get you thinking about the meaning of the passage. Then, there are questions to get you to thinking about how to apply the text to your daily life. Finally, there are questions meant to help you think through how to best share what you’re learning with others, either for evangelism to unbelievers or for the encouragement of believers. We hope that all of these questions will drive you to pray over the truths and applications discovered in your study of God’s word.

The best way to use this guide is to spend some time reading over the passage, asking God to help you understand it, and jotting down some notes as you think through it. The passage is even included in case you want to underline or otherwise “mark up” the text as you think through it. Reading, thinking, and praying ahead of time will allow you to come better prepared if you plan on using this book for group study and discussion.

We also encourage you to use the “Notes” sections at the end to record some concluding thoughts you may have after completing the study as well prayer requests that may be shared during a group study.

May God richly bless your prayerful study of his Word!


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