The Week in Review (1-17-14)


Beginning with books, we saw some great works go on good sales.  Two of Jay Adams’ books were reduced for kindle: The Christian Counselor’s Manual ($5.98), A Theology of Christian Counseling ($3.79) and How to Help People Change ($1.99).  Still Sovereign—a collection of articles, edited by Thomas Schreiner and Bruce Ware—is on sale for ($4.99). Westminster Books has From Heaven He Came and Sought Her back in stock and 45% off the normal retail price.  Finally, Desiring God released another free e-book of John Piper’s material: An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus: Appeals to the Rising Generation.

This week, the news brought us some edge-of-your-seat stories dealing with culture and the ethical implications of life and death.  First, there was the attention given to a pregnant women who experienced brain death due to a blood clot in her lung.  The problem is that she was also several weeks pregnant.  In an odd turn, the family wants her removed from life support while the doctors at the hospital are keeping her on for the sake of the baby.  Then, there was a veritable firestorm when the NYT columnist published a story critiquing Lisa Bonchek Adam’s blog about her war on the cancer in her body.  Both of these stories reveal how our society is changing in it valuation of life as Albert Mohler explained in his usual clear and thoughtful way (mp3).   Finally, for those thinking about adopting, Patrick Schreiner has a good a post on choosing well who you will use as an adoption agency, uncovering the unethical ways of some agencies.

Thinking about the Christian life, Chris Spark explains what many never think about; namely, doubt in the Christian life. Russell Moore’s first ERLC podcast aims at personal ethics: Should you ask for future spouse’s sexual history?  H. B. Charles, Jr. explained why prominence and significance are not the same thing.  The Radical Blog featured a brief but helpful post on developing a personal disciple making plan.

Finally, some interesting articles and posts about Christian ministry and theology were uploaded to the information super highway this week. To begin,  Training Leaders International posted a video testimony of a repentant prosperity gospel preacher.  Denny Burk reminded us that specific beliefs have larger implications when he wrote about egalitarianism reducing the functional authority of the Bible.  David Rogers finished his 5-part critique of the “Homogeneous Unit Principle.”  If you don’t know, this has been a key element of the church growth movement over the last 30 years.  (The article has links to the previous 4 posts.)

BONUS: An awesome infographic on the learning power of LEGOs:


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