Resources for Personal & Family Vigilance


Earlier this Fall, SBTS kicked off it’s new year of classes with a focus on .  Though it hadn’t been done before, it was immediately obvious as something sorely needed.  After all, who could be at greater risk for attacks from our spiritual enemy than those preparing to shepherd the souls of God’s people?  Furthermore, we can see the continuing need for current pastors to keep a close watch on their life and doctrine (1 Tim 4:16).

Recently, the entire audio of this mini conference was posted online. You can grab this audio below.  Click here to watch the opening and closing sermons on video. Click here for an iTunes cover image.

Keep a Close Watch: When Doctrine and Character Meet in the Mirror by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

That Vigilance that the Soul Requires: A Basic Guide to Keeping Watch over Your Soul by Michael Haykin

That Agonizing Step into Grace: How to Minister to those Who Need to Confess Sin by Jeremy Pierre

That Love Which Protects: How Couples Pursue Purity Together by Bruce Ware

That Fragile Assurance: Believing in God’s Love Despite Great Sin by Brian Vickers

The Power of Purity by Heath Lambert

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