Why I’m Reading the Bible in 90 Days


Paul issues a commands in Colossians 3.  He says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly” (3:16).  What does it look like to follow this command?  At the very least I would say it means to know the word and obey the word.  Later in the same verse he will say that we should also teach this word.  But we before we can do that—before we will want do that—it must mean something to us.  We need to know it and obey it for ourselves.

So, how can we come to know and obey the word?  Surely, it begins by simply reading it.  Knowing what the Scriptures says is an example of having both the forest and the trees.  By reading the whole of the Bible, you better understand the parts. And by reading more closely the individual parts, you better understand the whole.  I regularly study the parts but struggle to keep pace in reading the whole.  There are not nearly as many cross-references to the Old Testament as I would like in my New Testament sermons and vice versa.  One way to combat this is by planning a more rigorous Bible reading schedule.  That’s what I’m planning to begin this October.

At the encouragement of a friend who is doing the same thing for his own reasons, I will be reading the entire Bible in 90 days.  I’ve done this before so it won’t be something new.  But my hope this time around is to set a pattern for life.  In other words, I’ll be asking myself if I can adjust my regular schedule so that I can continue reading the Bible every 90 days.  That may seem like a lot, but it’s probably only an hour of reading a day.  Yes, it will still be a lot given all that I do (husband, father, homeschooler, pastor of a church, board member of a State convention and more).  But isn’t it worth it?

If you have considerations of your own commitment to read the Bible this way, you can use this reading schedule that was originally created to go with Zondervan’s The Bible in 90 Days curriculum.  I wasn’t a big fan of that curriculum when I went through years ago, but I do like their reading plan.

However you might chose to you read, I hope your understanding of God’s word will increase.

UPDATE:  If you looking for the 90 day reading plan on a bookmark, the official website has made them available for free.  You can also click through to the site for more information and resources.


  1. If you break the reading into segments such as 15 mins in the morning and at lunch time, and 30 mins in the evening, it is more manageable.

  2. Reading our Bible and spending time in the Word is something that we need to do everyday. We should also read the Bible through. This is a great way to read the Bible fully through and not overwhelm yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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