Practical Preacher: From Text to Sermon


If you going to be preaching this Sunday and you’re closing in on your final sermon preparation, remember this advice from seasoned preacher David Jackman.  If you’re going to be listening to someone else preach this Sunday, then consider using this to pray for him this weekend.

“From Text to Sermon”

  1. Get rid of the idea that we have to make the text relevant
  2. Do the hard work on what the text means
  3. Make sure the original context determines your contemporary application
  4. Set the passage in its wider biblical and theological context
  5. Focus your understanding and purpose in key sentences
  6. Develop a clear and coherent presentation
  7. Study your congregation
  8. Apply the truth to the whole person
  9. Make your language count
  10. Pray for the Holy Spirit to blow his life-giving breath through it all

From The Practical Preacher, edited by William Phillips

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