New My Bible Study on Leviticus

LeviticusOne of my great joys as a pastor is helping God’s people come to better understand and apply God’s Word.  Toward that end, I try to put to work whatever talents God has given me in a multifaceted Word ministry.  Sermon preparation and delivery is probably an obvious part of this.  But I also labor in writing or editing together training and Bible study material for our classes and community groups.

The most recent fruit of this labor is an eight week Bible study on the book of Leviticus.  The elders wanted to lead the church through Hebrews in our community groups.  But the natural background to Hebrews is Leviticus.  So, we decided to go through Leviticus first.  Preparing this material was an amazing experience, and I hope it will serve our church well.  If you think this study would help you or your church, you can order the book here.

I’ve tried to keep the price as low as possible on the site (I make a little over $1 on each copy). However, if you can’t afford the cost and would like a personal copy, you can download a free pdf copy of the study here.

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