My Upcoming Mission Trip

Early in 2012,* I will have the privilege of going on a mission trip to a country in West Africa.* Through this trip, our team will be able to support our missionaries in the on-going gospel work among the Tuareg (Tamashek) people. Sending this team is also part of our church’s larger strategy to serve this unreached people group.

So, what we will be doing while we’re actually in country? As we prepare for our trip, we have three goals we hope to accomplish. First, we want to encourage Tuareg believers. Fellowship with the small number of Tuareg believers will be part of how we spend our time there. This will include teaching on the Bible’s theology of suffering and prayer. We will also be helping them craft worship music in their own musical tradition. We also plan to witness to unbelieving Tuareg. Many Tuareg have a nominal faith in another religion, Isalm. But this religion doesn’t serve them well and they are curious about what the Bible teaches. We will spend time walking through the city, praying for them, and opening up the Bible to show them the one, true God. Finally, we plan to encourage our missionaries to the Tuareg. Our missionaries recently moved to another part of the country to better serve their people group, but this transition hasn’t been easy. While we are in country, we hope to encourage them with fellowship, prayer, and gifts for their ministry and personal use.

So, how can you help with this trip? First, you can pray! This is often an undervalued part of these trips. However, we believe it is the most important thing you can do and a central part of any ministry. This is especially true for mission trips. From start to finish, we desire this trip and team to be bathed in prayer. Pray that we will have: resolve to do all things to God’s glory (Eph 3:20-21); boldness in sharing the gospel (Col 4:2-4); success in fighting sin (Rom 8:12-15); reliance on God’s strength, not ours (Eph 3:16); team unity (Rom 15:5); and a ministry that glorifies God (1 Pet 4:10-11). Given that this trip has been postponed twice for security reasons, we are also asking people to pray for: stability for the country (1 Tim 2:1-6); safety in travel and ministry (3 John 2); and a subdued activity of opposition groups in our area (Rom 15:30-33). [click here for a more developed prayer guide: PrayerGuide2012]

Second, you can help by giving. The New Testament shows Christians financially supporting each other in times of need and ministry (2 Cor 8:1-15; Phil 4:15-16). Therefore, it’s always appropriate to give as you are able. But if you’re not able to give, that’s okay. I’ll just direct you back to the previous section—pray for us. If you can give something, you can send checks to the church: Crossway Christian Church, P.O. Box 1274, Bay City, MI, 48706. You can also give through our church website ( Please indicate my name in a note on the PayPal transaction or by writing my name on the memo line of your check.

We hope this trip will bring glory to Christ as we seek to help make disciples of all nations!

*Security concerns prevent us from giving specific travel information. Please call me for more specific details.

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