Sermons on Jonah

Here are my recent sermons on the book of Jonah. This amazing book is the story of a prophet who had received the grace of God, yet refuses to extend it to others.  He is a man running from grace.  God responds with grace upon grace, revealing himself to pagans and prophet alike. In the end, the idolatry of Jonah’s heart helps reveal our own idolatry.  And the failures of Jonah helps reveal the success of Jesus, giving us reason to flee our own idols and look to Him for redeeming grace.

A Prophet and His God (1:1-13) mp3

The Grace of Storms (1:4-6) mp3

The Heart of Service (1:7-16) mp3

Salvation Belongs to the Lord (1:17-2:9) mp3

Changed by Grace (2:1-9) mp3

The God of Second Chances (2:10-3:4) mp3

When God Comes to Town (3:1-10) mp3

Idols of the Heart (3:9-4:5) mp3

Pity that Great City (4:5-11) mp3

The Gospel According to Jonah (1:1-4:11) mp3

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