Do You Treasure God’s Word?

Here is an amazing video.  It’s of the Kimyal People of West Papua, Indonesia receiving, for the first time, copies of the New Testament in their language. When the new translation finally arrives, it’s a beautiful picture of God’s people who are hungry for God’s Word!

If you watch that and find yourself without the kind of passion for the Bible seen in those Indonesian believers, consider watching this longer video (or buy the dvd).  Here you can see the great price that was paid to bring us the Bible in English.  Never take your access to the Scriptures for granted!

If you do value your access to the Word and find your heart aching for those who have no access, consider committing to a regular schedule of prayer for specific people groups without the Bible in their language. You can do this through Wycliff Bible Translator’s Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project.

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