Profoundly Missional

Mike McKinley had this to say last week:

“Tim Keller’s King’s Cross is great.  I read it on an airplane and then gave it to the unbeliever sitting behind me.  He read it for the next three hours.  That’s how you know Keller’s good.”

Now, at first glance, he’s giving props to Keller and his new book, King’s Cross.

But look more closely and you see an example of simple, yet profound missionality. (Yes, I think I just coined a word there. And no, it probably won’t stick).  Let’s do a quick breakdown of what he did:

  1. He familiarized himself with a biblically faithful resource that’s also evangelistic in nature (i.e. King’s Cross).
  2. He identified someone who isn’t a Christian who could benefit from said resource (i.e. the person on the plane).
  3. He weighed the difference between the cost of a book and the value of soul and made the right choice (i.e. nothing we have is worth as much as a person in heaven).
  4. He gave the book away to the person in need of hearing it’s message (i.e. he shared the gospel with them).

Simple, yet profoundly missional.  May we do likewise!


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