Will the Real Francis Please Stand Up?

Two recent Articles on Saint Francis of Assisi have appeared in the last week.  Each one shows us a glimpse of the real Francis which I hadn’t heard before.  Each makes me more keen to respect him and learn from him than statues of him holding birds ever did.


Joe Thorn helps us understand his zeal for the gospel.

Last night I linked to Dr. John Kossler’s post where he shared some thoughts on the place of words in the Christian life and pushed back on the words often attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the gospel. If necessary use words.” I appreciate what John had to say. Other’s don’t (I’ve heard from a few). But, John wasn’t the first to push back. . . .

Warren Lawson gives us an example of his zeal.

Attempting to win no less than the Kamil Sultan of Egypt was incredible to say the least. Such faith, holy audacity, and spiritual concern for Muslims provide a shining example in our day, when many Christians are tempted to hate and fear them. Francis took a dozen brothers through Syria and then on to Egypt. . . .   Where other Christians saw the face of evil, Francis saw a man without the Savior, and compassion welled up inside of him.


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