MLK Day Round-Up

Here’s some posts from today about Martin Luther King, Jr., racial equality, and the Bible’s teaching.


John Piper: Slave-Holding as Character Suicide

One of the books I listened to during my leave of absence was the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. . . .  The book recounts Douglass’ rise from slavery to an oratorical force for abolition in America. . . . One of the most striking parts of this autobiography was the story of how slavery injures not only the slave, but the master. It destroys life in both directions, but in different ways. Here is a glimpse of how that happened to the wife of one of his owners, Master Hugh.

Russell Moore: Racial Justice and the Goodness of God

White supremacy was, like all iniquity from the Garden insurrection on, cruelly cunning. Those with power were able to keep certain questions from being asked by keeping poor and working-class white people sure that they were superior to someone: to the descendants of the slaves around them.

Albert Mohler: The Briefing (1/17/11)

If MLK had tweeted from jail….

Denny Burk: John Piper and Jesse Jackson

John Piper preaches a message on racial reconciliation every year on the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day. One of my favorites is his sermon from 2000 on Ephesians 2:11-22 titled “Race and Cross.” Piper begins the message with his own testimony of growing up in segregated Greenville, South Carolina. Across town another boy was growing up at the same time—Jesse Jackson.

Willie Will: Sin is Not Racist

I’m seeing that sin never racially discriminated anyone. I see black men along with white men holding signs begging for money. I see abandoned and run-down homes. I see black, Asian, white, East Indian, and African women being unloved by their husbands. I see children of all races rebelling against authority. I see broken families in every color.





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