We'd Better Join This Man–Pastors and Evangelism

I’ve been trying to keep with a little of the Lausanne conference this week.  After a very edifying exposition of Ephesians 1 by Ajith Fernando, I watch a panel discussion on evangelism.  Here, I was hit with some powerful words by Archbishop Ben Kwash of Nigeria on the necessity of church leaders to be engaged in evangelism and mission:

“Well let me say without any fear or favor, that any church leader who is not leading in mission loses his apostolicity–simple.  The apostles were church leaders because they were leaders in mission.  Anytime you get to the point where you’re a church leader and you’re not leading your people in mission, you’ve lost the leadership.  You can own the title, drive the cars, own the houses, but you’ve lost it–as far as heaven is concerned.   And I think church leaders need to know that so that they can really be the leaders in mission and create the enthusiasm.  Let me tell you: if you are a church leader and you got out on witnessing, and the bank manager sees you and the people see you, it will not be long before your diocese or your circuit or your presbytery begins to say, ‘Hey guys, we’d better join this man.’  That’s why you’re put there in leadership!”


The words of Archbishop Kwash are made all the more powerful after listening to his testimony, which appears earlier in the same discussion (around the 12:10-15:30).

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