He Had Memorized Large Portions of the Bible

David Sills shares some of a recent trip to Ecuador with Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. One of the stories is of a Christian man who has an immense passion for the Word of God–one that should give us pause when we think of our own desire for God’s Truth.

One brother was totally blind, having been blinded by cheap alcohol thirty-five years ago at the age of twenty-two. He played the accordion to make a living for himself, his wife and four children. He had the sweetest spirit and was so earnest to learn about the Bible. While he did not understand it all, he had memorized large portions of the Bible, citing chapter and verse and correcting “seeing” students when they referred to verse 16, for instance, and he knew that they had actually quoted verse 17 of a particular chapter. He used a stencil and a punch for taking notes in Braille, which he used along with an old cassette recorder to make sure he did not miss anything. He had made a copy of the Gospels and all of the Pauline epistles using his Braille stencil, punching them into the pages of notebooks as his daughter read to him from a Spanish Bible. Still, he had very little knowledge about how to understand and apply the little he had, and he expressed great thanks again and again for our team coming to teach him. Imagine his joy when I told him that we had ordered him a complete Spanish Bible in Braille. It consists of 40 volumes of spiral-bound notebooks that require five feet of shelf space. It made me wince to think how I whined to carry my “heavy” Study Bible around!

Read the whole thing.


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