Worth Nothing 8/24/10 – Preaching Edition

  • Tim Challies gives a helpful review of Matthias Media’s new book, The Archer and the Arrow.  The book advances advice on preaching from Philip Jensen, himself a very able expositor.
  • In two posts (part 1, part 2) Carl Truman walks us through Martin Luther’s marks of a good preacher.
  • Justin Taylor highlights Tom Schreiner’s upcoming book, 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law. This is one of those essential issues that every preacher must come to terms with: how do you preach the Law for Christians today?  How you answer that question greatly affects what you say and how you apply God’s word.  Dr Schreiner’s work will, undoubtedly, provide much help to the preacher!
  • Finally, Al Mohler talks about the war every preacher is engaged in: the battle for the Bible.

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