Worth Noting 8/10/10

  • Ray Ortlund helps us think through the teachings of Jesus as he gives us the unBeatitudes.
  • Having just finished an excellent book called Son of Hamas, I was pleased to see the publisher had set up an website for the book’s author, Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Get a preview of the book, as well as hear a brief testimony of the young man who went from son of a religious leader to terrorist, Israeli double-agent, and a Christian.
  • Our friend, Challies, highlights what looks to be an excellent Bible reading plan.  It’s actually similar to something I have been trying and blogged about a while back–a sweeping approach to reading the Bible that has the whole saturating our minds with the content of the Bible. This would be different than reading for deep understanding. Both are needed, but the approach highlighted by Challies–Professor Horner’s Bible-Reading System–(which makes me want to listen to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)  focuses on the big reading.  In other words, reading the Bible over and over, as much as possible, so to become like Spurgeon and other before him: to have our very blood be bibline.  Check it out and stay encouraged on the system’s Facebook page.
  • Finally, for all you Sherlockians out there: the new BBC mini-series about the world’s only consulting detective re-imagined in the modern day, Sherlock, has finished. However, it’s also being renewed for more 90 minutes episodes.  Since the first three were incredible, this is very good news!


  1. Of course! How could I not? I’ve been repeatedly reading through the complete SH since I got my first used copy in junior high. Alan, I’ll say it again: I think I might have been born on the wrong continent! ;-)

  2. Well….from a purely Anglocentric perspective, I think you ALL have been born on the wrong continent. But crushing historical failure and loss of Empire bitterness to one side, on a personal level, you need to get over here so I can show you all the interesting bits from Cornwall (where I am) to London and Oxford. (Mind you, there’s not so much in Cornwall unless you have been reading Du Maurier; actually though, we recently saw an episode of the classic Jeremy Brett series of Holmes, shot in locations just a few miles from where I live).

    You don’t happen to read Sayers as well do you?

    To balance things out, I have got Wendell Berry on my wishlist; and To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favourite novels (just slightly beaten to the number 1 spot by Lord of the Rings)

  3. Alan,
    If I ever make it across the pond, I will definitely let you show me around! No, I haven’t read much Sayers. Anywhere in particular I should begin? And Mockingbird is a good choice!


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