Worth Noting 8-5-10

  • Jim Hamilton has reviewed John Sailhamer’s much talked about, The Meaning of the Pentateuch. The review is excellent both in its thoughtful content, and as an example of how to review a book. It’s provided by Andy Naselli on Justin Taylor’s blog (confused yet?).
  • How does social ministry relate to the gospel?  Mark Dever and Jim Wallis answer the question differently in this thought-provoking interview (some of the video is also up here).
  • The Resurgence has been promoting a new children’s music group, called The Rizers.  Stylistically, they are labeled as Disney-pop; lyrically, they are labeled as Gospel-centered, Scripture songs.  Are they good?  Well, when I played some sample songs on my computer, my kids instantly dropped they toys and came running.  They didn’t stop dancing until the tracks were done.
  • Finally, in a life increasingly lived plugged into technology comes 10 rules for Tech-etiquette. Coming from the business world, it has much to say for ministry or anyone using technology to do work or interact with people.

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