Preaching Plans for the Pentateuch

In a few weeks I will resume my Bible-overview preaching series. Early next year, then, I will  return to (what used to be my regular practice of) preaching through books of the Bible.   I’ve been thinking of which books would be good to resume this practice with as some of our new people have never experienced this.

One of the ideas I had was to begin with one of Paul’s letters (likely Ephesians), then begin preaching through the Pentateuch.  Instead of going straight through, I would alternate with a New Testament book that parallels the Old Testament book.  So, for example, I would preach something like this:

Genesis // John

Exodus // ?

Leviticus // Hebrews

Numbers // 1 Peter, 2 Peter

Deuteronomy // Romans

Only two problems emerge from this plan. First, I’m not sure of a good parallel to Exodus yet.  Secondly, I have to preach through Romans in the end.  Frankly, I’m not sure I’ll be ready for that.  It will likely be about six years out, which offers a little more hope  (but I’ll still only be 39!).

Anyway, I would love any feedback you want to offer–either as a fellow pastor and preacher, or as church-goer who would sit under such preaching.  Any suggestions for the Exodus parallel book?  Any better suggestions for the others?   What do you think?


  1. John,

    Interesting idea. A good parallel to Exodus may be Mark or Acts. My suggestions are based on two books.

    David Pao, Acts and the Isaianic Exodus.

    Rikki Watts, Isaiah’s New Exodus in Mark.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Chad. Yeah, I was thinking about Mark as well, having read Watts’ book. But I was a hesitant to do Mark right after (relatively speaking) preaching through John with Genesis. Then the last book I preached through was Acts!

    One thing I thought about was actually preaching Revelation opposite Genesis. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Genesis is a good idea too, considering the themes of new humanity, new creation, et al. Perhaps, that will make preaching Mark for Exodus easier since you would preach Revelation for Genesis instead of John.

      I like your idea. Sounds like a big project, but what a rewarding experience for you and the congregation.

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