Resources from Basics 2010

This year’s Basics Conference was one of the best they’ve ever held.  The Word was alive with power as three men of God–Alistair Begg, Sinclair Ferguson, and John Shearer–reminded us of the basics of pastoral ministry.  Below are the audio files from this week’s excellent Basics Conference.

Session 1: Distinctives of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 2: Union with Christ for Christian Living (Ferguson)

Session 3: The Word of the Cross (Begg)

Session 4: Union with Christ for Pastoral Ministry (Ferguson)

Session 5: Duties of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 6: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified (Begg)

Panel Discussion: Begg, Ferguson, and Shearer

Breakout 1: Practical Pointers on Expositional Preaching (Begg)

Breakout 2:  Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (Ferguson)

Breakout 3: Reflections and Resolution for Pastoral Ministry (Shearer)

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