Truth in Fiction

One of the most unique books that D. A. Carson has written is called, Letters Along the Way: A Novel of the Christian Life. Here along with co-author, John Woodbridge,the reader is presented the life of a young man who gets saved and is called into ministry, along with all the struggles that go along with such a life .   Along the way, the young man begins corresponding with a seminary professor.   It’s through this ongoing correspondence that Carson and Woodbridge are able to provide helpful comments and explanations on all manner of theological and practical issues related to the Bible and the living of the Christian life.

Do give you some idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a small list of the issues covered:  The inerrancy of Scripture, carnal Christians, the new perspective, liberation theology, lordship salvation, assurance of salvation, marriage, death, prayer, vocational ministry, and AIDS.

The story of book makes for an interesting read, but it’s the insight into these diverse subjects that really makes the book valuable. And now these insights are all the more quickly found thanks to Matthew Hoskinson of Heritage Bible Church.  Matthew has created an index for all the subjects found in the book, which lists the topics covered and where they can be found in the book.

Download the index here.

Buy a copy of the book here.

Or, download the book in pdf format for free here.

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