Worth Noting 3/29/10

Justin Taylor is providing a series of blog posts on what happened during the first holy week by harmonizing the Gospel accounts.

R. C. Sproul weighs in on being a citizen of heaven while being a citizen of the United States as it relates to this decade’s census.

Mars Hill has a helpful post on micromissions.

As many other have posted about, John Piper is taking a leave of absence from active ministry from May through December to focus on heading off issues of pride and deepening relationships with his family.  A humble and helpful example to set for many others.

Mark Baddeley begins three posts on God’s Impassibility with an interesting Star Trek analogy.

D. A. Carson has done it again apparently in writing a forthcoming book called, The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story. It’s an overview of the Bible’s unfolding storyline designed for seekers and new Christians. A similar book is sitting on my hard-drive in outline form.  Carson’s book will be a Goliath-sized head and shoulders above anything I would have come up with so I’ll be buying his and leaving mine alone to work on something else!

Finally, another book that looks interesting is coming next month from Crossway.  Bryan M. Litfin’s novel called, The Sword, is a story of action and adventure poses the question, “If a society had no knowledge of Christianity, and then a Bible were discovered, what would happen?”  Here is a video preview:

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