Sermons Aren't Finished, They're Preached

The title of this post–Sermons Aren’t Finished, They’re Preached–is something I have experienced since I started preaching some 15 years ago.  I keep laboring over what I will say and how I will say it (sometimes even rearranging my points on Saturday night!) until the moment I step into the pulpit. Each week my last private prayer before I ascend the platform and lead in a pastoral prayer is, “Father help me understand your Word.”

Well, it seems I’m not only one who thinks that way about the sermon.  Iain Campbell over at Reformation 21 says more or the less the same thing about his preparation:

“Maybe there is something utterly and fundamentally wrong with me (sin, perhaps?) but I’m not prepared at any stage before I start preaching to say that I’ve done my prep;”

Of course, this might just mean we’re both nuts!

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