Books at the Ready

I was listening to something the other day, and it reminded me that I had read Spurgeon liked reading through Pilgrim’s Progress every year.  That in turn got me thinking about books that would be worth reading every year (besides the Bible), as well as about books that I keep as “ready reference” on or near my desk all the time.

So, here are my books.  I’d love to hear from any readers on what their picks would be!

Always on my desk (or close by)

Books I could/should read every year


  1. This is a great list John. One book I’ve read each year since becoming a Christian is John Piper’s “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ”. I especially like to read it at Christmastime and will most likely do so again this year. I recently got a copy of “The Valley of Vision” and usually read from it each day.

    A few others I’d like to reread at some point:

    -“Practical Religion” by J.C. Ryle
    -“All of Grace” by Charles Spurgeon
    -“Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices” by Thomas Brooks
    -“A Shelter in the Time of Storm: Meditations on God and Trouble” by Paul David Tripp

    Alan Redpath is someone I just discovered this year. His books can be a bit hard-to-find (at least inexpensively), but I’d highly recommend him if you get the chance. I read his book on Joshua (“Victorious Christian Living”) earlier this year and am reading one on Nehemiah (“Victorious Christian Service”) now.

    Thanks again for your list !

  2. Thanks for the comments, Joe. I’ve read through all and parts of Precious Remedies . I love giving Piper’s book to new Christians. I’ve heard of several of the others, but not read them. I’ll have to check them out.


  3. Here is my list of books I try to read once a year.

    1. “The Collected Works Of St. John of the Cross” translated by Kavanaugh and Rodriguez

    2. “The Spiritual Writings of Denis the Carthusian” Translated into English by Ide M. Ni Riain, RSCJ, with an Introduction by Terence O’Reilly

    3. “The Cloud Of Unknowing” written by an anonymous English monk during the late fourteenth century

    4. “Carthusian Spirituality: The Writings Of Hugh Of Balam And Guigo De Ponte

    5. “Writings From The Philokalia On Prayer Of The Heart” Translated by E. Kadloubovsky and G.E.H. Palmer

    6. “The Spiritual Espousals And Other Works” by John Ruusbroec [The Classics of Western Spirituality]

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