Worth Noting (12/1) – Ministry Edition

Here’s some items worth noting, all involving ministry-

To start things off, let’s talk about Acts 29.  Right now the hottest moving group in church planting is Acts 29.  We have much to be thankful for when it comes to their devotion to the Christ and the gospel, and the desire to plant churches.  The audio and video from one of their recent ‘boot camp’ conferences in Louisville is now online here.

Despite all that is good with Acts 29, no one is perfect.  Ben Pfahlert at the Sola Blog gives a helpful review of their recent conference down under.  He shows that while they have many things right, there a couple things that could use a tune-up.

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s Dr. David Murray walks us through how a busy pastor should work to prepare his sermons in two videos: part 1 and part 2.

Pastor Daniel Montgomery recently posted about their elder installation service (part 1, part 2).  This sparked lots of thoughts about elder ministry as well as how to practically set about uniting the people and the leadership in those setting.

Nick Batzig at the Feeding on Christ blog posts some videos from Tenth Presbyterian Church on the basics of conducting a nursing home ministry.  In the coolness of reaching young adults, here’s a social group that often gets left behind.  These videos might help correct that trend.

Finally, Crossway is offering a great deal on a resource for evangelism this Christmas. It’s a whole packet of materials (including an ESV New Testament) for only $1.  Last night I discovered our local Family Christan Store had them in stock and we picked up a couple cases.

Okay, one more summarizing resource!  While poking around the Desiring God audio archives, Thabiti Anyabwile found an old message by Kent Hughes called, “Pastoral Success and the Cross of Christ.” He gave it a big thumbs up, saying it helps correct the unbiblical “success” mentality that cripples so many pastors from faithfully serving the Lord.  Check it out.


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