Roseveare Book Sale

roseveare2Dr. Helen Roseveare, graduate in medicine from University of Cambridge in the late 1940’s, is a well-known missionary doctor and author, with several of her works still in print, she worked in the north-eastern province of the Belgian Congo with the Heart of Africa Mission in the 1950’s & 60’s. She established a substantial pioneer medical service and assisted the churches before Congo’s independence in 1960, and continued there for some years after, at a time when many had to flee for their lives. Physical dangers and her personal ambition in the Congo often almost sank her, but her faith and hard work brought her through. Her story is one of bright mountains, conquered after experiencing the dark valleys and learning to give the glory to God.

Dr. Roseveare has spoken at many conferences, including the recent Desiring God national conference on the perseverance of the saints, called Stand. Her testimony is a powerful one, and her words and demeanor display a rare maturity and joy.  Noel Piper has said, “Each time I read one of her accounts, I want to be like her, I want to know God like she does.”

Right now, Westminster Books is offering several of her books at clearance prices (around $6 each).  The only book not on big sale is the first volume of her biography, Give Me This Mountain. However, at only $10.39, it’s still a great buy.

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