Worth Noting 10/8 – Taking Sin Seriously

This week’s edition of ‘worth noting’ – the kind of semi-regular, catch-all posts of interesting things of the week at this blog – is devoted to the sobering reality of sin.  Specifically, whether or not we take it as seriously as we should in our lives as Christians living in an on-going battle with sin, in the midst of a sinful world.

Al Mohler looks at the response to the on-going story of Roman Polanski.

Russ Moore looks at another timely story of public sin – Letterman’s mea culpa.

Tony Reinke offers some thoughts at an awkward moment at a Christian Counseling conference, pondering why we laugh at sin.  Justin Taylor ponders the same event.

Timmy Brister has begun a series of blog posts on the theme of repentance.  Here’s what he has so far:

Finally, here is a helpful post at the TravelBlog on taking a natural desire for newness (which often leads us to given into sin) and transforming it as a help in the fight against sin.

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