Great Commission Resurgence Study Guides

At this past summer’s Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary booth was handing out a booklet version of Dr. Daniel Akin’s message, “Axioms of a Great Commission Resurgence.”   On the last day, they were gracious enough of those booklets so each family at our church could have one.

The result was a five study through our church’s community groups.  If you would want to do something similar, here are the study guides we prepared for our groups.

Week 1 – Introduction, Axioms 1-2

Week 2 – Axioms 3-5

Week 3 – Axioms 6-8

Week 4 – Axioms 9-10

Week 5 – Axioms 11-12

If you’ve never seen it, or are unfamiliar with Dr. Akin’s message, you can read it or watch it online.

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