"Christ, Our Wisdom" Hymn

Based on Proverbs 1-3, 1 Corinthians 1, and 2 Corinthians 4.
This song should be sung to the tune of the Getty’s song, “O Church Arise.”


Christ Our Wisdom

Hear wisdom call, she pleads with urgent voice –
‘Come to me and find salvation!’
So let the wise, in her blessed call rejoice,
Knowing they will find instruction.
A gift from God, for all to know;
A prize beyond all this world’s wealth.
So walk and live, according to the way
All the righteous ones have traveled.

To fear the Lord, to bow before his throne,
Will begin a life of wisdom.
Trust not yourself, nor in your heart alone;
Be not wise by your own measure.
Trust in the Lord, with all your heart,
In all your ways, acknowledge him.
And you will find, your foot will never fall
From the truth that he has given.

Now see the Man, who bids us come and live;
Hear the call of Christ our Wisdom.
In Him we see, the glory of the One,
Who by grace reveals his kingdom.
For though the world, can only see
The cross of Christ as foolishness,
Faith’s eye can glimpse the wisdom of the cross
That brings many sons to glory.

So now to fear the Lord with all our heart
Is to follow Christ, our Treasure;
To leave behind the foolish ways we know,
And to walk in Wisdom’s pleasure.
Set free from sin’s enslaving pow’r
We look to Him who gave his life.
And with a faith born by the Spirit’s call
We will live to show his glory.

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